Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

Urbanist Investment Strategies


Champion is applying this strategy to both student housing and multifamily opportunities.

A very competitive market segment, Champion looks for niche opportunities to deliver above-market returns.


  • Leverage Champion’s broker relationships to identify off-market & inefficiently marketed opportunities.
  • Implement accretive improvements to improve cash flow (e.g. physical value-add, strong management).
  • Aggregate multiple parcels for efficient management & scale.
  • Establish long-term holdings with fixed-rate debt & strong cash flow.



Champion is extremely selective in its application of these strategies, recognizing the risks and resources required to properly execute. Champion’s vast experience in development and keen understanding of the different stakeholders has resulted in numerous above-market successes.


  • Entitle, develop and build institutional quality multifamily, student housing and mixed-use.
  • Leverage Champion’s vast experience working with the many stakeholders involved in the entitlement and development process.
  • Create a unique plan for each property pursuant to in-place encumbrances and improvements, zoning, current market conditions and Champion’s ability to affect change of use.
  • Flexibility to sell upon entitlement or build and hold long-term to extract maximum value.

Target Property Criteria


  • Asset Class A, B & C
  • “A” locations in top 50 MSAs
  • Core, core-adjacent, or gentrifying to core
  • Close proximity to employment generators
  • Below threshold for institutional investors ($10 million-$50 million)


  • Power 5 Conference Universities with Division I athletic programs
  • Enrollment of >15,000 full-time students
  • Walking distance to campus
  • Supply/demand imbalance with new construction barriers to entry

To submit a deal please contact:

Garrett Champion