Nashville is the largest city and the capital of Tennessee. Traditionally known for its country-music scene, today the city is quickly becoming the regional focal point for the healthcare and auto industries, with over 300 healthcare companies and more than 30,000 jobs in the auto industry to-date.

Nashville is the largest metropolitan area in Tennessee as of 2013, with 13 counties and a population of over 1.7 million people. It was voted one of the top 15 hottest U.S. cities for 2016 by Business Insider, after analyzing data and considering several key factors such as job growth, population growth, affordability, as well as quality of lifestyle, health, and well-being of its residents.

With a strong, growing economy, affordability, as well as demand and interest in its natural attractions, Nashville has witnessed a boom in tourism in recent years. According to the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, Nashville set a new record for tourism-related spending and tax revenue in 2014, reaching 13.1 million tourist visitations in 2014.

A Renter’s Paradise

The economy of Nashville has seen real estate as a major driver for the city’s success. The city’s adjusted zoning code has enabled developers to easily construct mixed-use properties that include retail, residential, and office spaces. With its high yield offerings, investors have been flocking from out-of-state to capture the growing demand and cash flow of Nashville’s real estate market.

This ability to offer mixed-use properties and spaces, along with an increase in investment, has attracted renters who want walkable, urban communities that are convenient, affordable, and fun.
A Home to the Rich and Famous

Nashville is home to many celebrities including Jack White of White Stripes, Taylor Swift, Alan Jackson, and Reese Witherspoon, as well as the former hometown of the late Elvis Presley. With its southern leisurely pace and live music venues, it is no wonder that many celebrities continue to flock to Nashville. The Gibson guitar company has also been headquartered in Nashville since 1984.

Other famous stars have chosen to settle just around Nashville in neighboring communities such as Franklin, Mt. Juliet, Dickson, and Murfreesboro.

Nashville – Recent Accolades

Nashville has garnered nationwide and international attention, having received numerous awards and recognition for its quick-growing economy, including:

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